Welcome to the NLP-Lounge

The NLP-Lounge is the new online platform for participants, customers, coachees, coaches, trainer, fans, friends, prospective customers and business partners of the fresh-academy. We will set new standards with this service, which we will update and expand constantly. You can use the Lounge to manage and update your contact information, to enroll yourself in our seminars, to release your address for the list of participants of your seminar and also to choose what name will be displayed on your certificate of completion. In addition, you will have a perfect overview of the seminars that you have already visited, those which you are currently enrolled in and all seminars which are offered. Here you can also subscribe to the fresh-academy newsletter and recommend it to others. You can choose your login data for the NLP-Lounge. If you have already visited a fresh-academy seminar and if your email-address is already known to us, you can have your password sent to you via the option “Lost Password”.

Our plans for the future

The NLP-Lounge will gradually be extended into a forum for participants. Each seminar will have its own protected forum, where participants can keep in touch with each other, share fotos and discuss important topics. On top of that there will also be a “public” forum for all of the fresh-academy participants, which is not bound to a certain seminar. Via an internal mail-service every current and former participants will be able to communicate with each other and discuss NLP-topics and more in the forum. The fresh-academy will enrich the NLP-Lounge with interesting content and make it THE central place for information for every NLP-Fan. On top of a NLP-Encyclopaedia, a NLP-Wiki, we will entertain and inform you with interesting blog articles, our podcast and much more. An online shop for our books, audio-CDs and our DVDs is also planned.

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to! Join us and watch how a great virtual NLP-Lounge is developing, with many fresh pictures, texts, offers and a complete overview for you! Of course we are looking forward to your tips, suggestions, and new ideas!

Best wishes and very welcome to the NLP-Lounge!

Wiebke Lüth